Friday, June 6, 2014

Bakery Nouveau

Chocolate Blackberry Mousse Dome from Bakery Nouveau, the French-style bakery in my relatively new neighborhood. I am totally in love with this bakery. There will be more 'reporting' from this dream location. It's a destination bakery. There's been a line out the door on more than one occasion I've been there. Fortunately, they have incredibly efficient and friendly customer service, making them even more than perfect. I heard about this bakery shortly after I moved to Seattle. The gal behind the check-in counter at a yoga studio, when I struck up a conversation with her, eagerly telling her I was new in town, asked me if I'd been to Bakery Nouveau yet. "Oh you have to go! It's totally amazing. The owner was the captain of a World Cup Baking Team a few years back. And they won Gold, including in the croissant division. Oh yeah! I heard the French Baking Team was on suicide watch for weeks!"

Then I had one of my cousins, also a yoga teacher, tell me that one of her students is French, and proclaims that Bakery Nouveau has the best croissants outside of France. The first time in, I bought a twice-baked almond croissant. I brought it home for dessert and had it with a glass of red wine, and I just couldn't shut up about it. It was like I developed a tic or something. Each time I bit into it, I couldn't stop myself from saying "Oh my gosh, this is sooo good. Mmmm." "Oh my gosh, how do they make these so good?!" "Oh my gosh, I can't believe how good this is."

Bakery t'adore.

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