Monday, June 23, 2014

Why is this blog called Christopher Morninggood?

When I was growing up, we took a lot of road trips with my dad. He loved to get an early start, hitting the open road with a fresh cup of coffee as the sun was rising. He also loved to make up funny songs, singing them loudly as he sat up even straighter in the driver’s seat to belt them out. And I admit, he also loved to occasionally fart really loudly, and would exclaim “Well, I didn’t know there was a spider in the van!” (replace spider with duck, or other animal who apparently makes loud farting noises). In short, he loved to make his kids smile. I remember him looking back at us in the rearview mirror, his face aglow with a big smile of his own, happy to see that his antics were making us giggle.

During one of these adventures, he made an impression on me when he said, “Well, if I could call myself whatever I wanted, I believe I would call myself Christopher Morninggood!” He probably repeated the name several times in various voices, with a sing-song tone. Kind of like an announcer shouting the names of the boxers about to step into the ring. “CHRRRRISTOPHEEEEEEEERRRRR MORNINGGOOOOOD! King of the road! Rise and shiiiiiine!” And then maybe it would become a little singing ditty, something like, “Got my coffee in my cup, in my cup, and I’m ready to hit the road, hit the road…so watch out all you toads on the road…” Head bobbing, maybe a little finger pointing, or fake drumming on the steering wheel.
Yep, that’s my dad. So many great memories of those road trips. His self-appointed moniker is perfect. He is a total morning person, and, his grandfather and great grandfather on his Dad’s side were both named Christopher.  I loved the idea of it, and it always stuck with me.
The name also seemed just right for this blog.
Mornings are for fresh pastry with your coffee, for getting started on your baking, for making your dough so it can chill and rest during the day, for getting an early start on whatever adventure you’ve got planned. Mornings are bundled with a feeling of can feel the whole day ahead of you. I think some days I keep drinking coffee just because I don’t want that fresh morning feeling to go away.
The sun is new each day….rise and shiiiiiiine!! Here’s to you, Padre, and to all the Christopher Morninggoods of the world.

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