Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Funky Fremont a la Dimanche

Sunday was full of glorious sun! I decided to be a tourist in the quirky funky area of Seattle called Fremont. It started with a cruise through Fremont Sunday Market, where I found an Eiffel Tower and a Space Needle sitting together on a shelf just waiting for me. I didn't yet have cash in hand, so I booked it down the block to the local PCC Market to buy one apple, so I could get cash back without having to pay the ridiculous fees at the ATM. Then I booked it back to the stand where I'd seen them and whew! They were still in waiting. I'd been wanting them and they finally appeared! It felt graciously serendipitous.

My destiny for all things French-themed over the weekend continued.....I found many more Eiffels in numerous places throughout the day. It was getting weird! The French thing had started the night before... I had a dinner date at a French-style restaurant called 'Bastille' in Ballard. While walking there from our parking spot, we happened upon a shockingly fast bike race called 'Ballard Twilight Criterium' -- they were racing in laps around a small area of the neighborhood. They were decked out in pro gear on pro bikes and they were packed up and whizzed around the corners FAST! The streets were closed for several blocks. Seemed reminiscent of being at La Tour de France, or so I imagined since I've never been in person. People were cheering and clanging cowbells and it was raucous. (Really with the cowbells? Do I say that now as embellishment or ? I'm not completely sure, but either way, it was friggin' awesome!) Sadly, I got no pix! But if you search #ballardtwilightcriterium on Instagram, someone did.

Anyway, the French theme started there, where we had steak frites, steamed mussels, and expensive mixed drinks full of hard liquor. Mine was called a 'Black Mamba' -- I don't recall what was in it exactly, other than coffee liqueur, but it was a short list of liquors. It was GOOD. And for dessert: profiteroles with hazelnut ice cream and chocolate sauce. That stuff was BOMB!

Segue into Sunday in we ate Blue Moon burgers for lunch, I pulled my Frenchie hardware out of my bag and admired it like a kid with new toys. The end of our day was punctuated with a travel agency sign hanging from the side of a building, and on top of it? Mais oui! La Tour Eiffel. Everyone said it's definitely a sign. I mean, more than literally a travel agency sign. J'espere!

Mercedes Unimog Espresso Truck
I need my car to say this to me when I leave for the grocery store!

My prized Frenchie hardware + Space Needle....and 'Murican Beer.

Walking up the hill towards the popular Fremont Troll.
I don't know why I am hugging his fingers...he's about to crush a car with that hand!

The belly of the Aurora Avenue Bridge. Where trolls live. :)
Lenin is here! The story of how he got to Fremont is pretty interesting. don't need me. Guh-oogle. 

Appropriate juxtaposition. Naked Bike Ride is a traditional event at the Fremont Fair. The
mannequins in the window of the lingerie shop are almost dressed down enough to join in.

If it's over your head, just keep on movin'...

Not only does Fremont have its own Troll and Lenin, they've got their own rocket ship too. 

Theo Chocolate also resides in Fremont. This is a picture I took of their logo, painted on the wall of
their retail shop. I love their logo. It's genius. And their chocolate is on par. Plus, they even have classes: Chocolate University, I shall attend you perhaps in winter when it's not a sin to miss out on Seattle sunshine!

Creative merchandise display at an antique shop. Don't let the daily grind get to you!

More Eiffels!

Cute sign for a ceramic plant pots shop. But alas, it was closed!

Alors....the universe seems to be sponsoring a marketing campaign directed at me and Paris.
A little help in the pocketbook department is all I need. Perhaps bakes sales every weekend for a few years?

Fremont Sunday Market vendor dudes having some sing along fun....sing it! Like A Rhinestone Cowboy!! 

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