Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I just got my package of silicon mini-canele molds that I had ordered through J.B. Prince. The package took 2 whole weeks to get here, Seattle, from New York. That is not fast. That is slow. But I should have started the batter a few days ago so I would be ready to bake. Doh!! Canele advice for a newbie, anyone? Yeah, that's right. I'm totally baiting for some comments. Is anyone reading this yet? Ack! Merde!

I read about a canele-only shop in New York and I read that the owner used to be a lawyer before becoming a canele shop owner of brilliant caneles. Why are pastry people so smart? That's a serious question and it deserves an answer/comment.

Canele by Celine. In New York. New York's first and only canele shop. It will be on my itinerary for my layover in New York, en route to Paris.

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